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Is the Acton model right for my family? While we wholeheartedly believe our model can work for everyone, we've found that succeeding in this model requires a conscious decision to dare to be great. This decision must be made by both parents as well as the child. Families that choose to play the roles defined in the drama triangle (e.g., victim, rescuer, and/or persecutor), and are not willing to change, are not ready for this model.

Is Aspiring Phoenix a religious model of education? The short answer is yes, but not in the way most will interpret it. A foundational tenet of all Actons is religious freedom, and we respect all faiths, and we do not push any one doctrine. Rather, we focus on tenets such as purpose, faith, forgiveness, and gratitude; tenets shared by almost all, if not all, major religions. That said, children are free to pursue their religious studies as part of core skills if they so choose.

Does the Aspiring Phoenix curriculum include gender studies, critical race theory, and other similar concepts? No, it does not. We respect everyone's right to choose their own path. However, we believe these have no place in education, and we focus on developing critical thinking skills instead of indoctrination.

Is Aspiring Phoenix liberal or conservative? Neither and both. A foundational tenet of all Actons is political freedom. We do not push any one ideology, rather, we use case based studies and Socratic discussions to place learners in the shoes of great leaders and historical decisions.

Is Aspiring Phoenix affordable? One of our commitments as an Acton is to create a world class model of education that any family can afford. Options include, but are not limited to: hybrid part-time and remote, supporting the community in exchange for fees, learners performing paid apprenticeships to offset costs, reduced fees from donor contributions, and learners building businesses to offset fees.

Will my child learn reading, writing, math, science, and social studies? Yes, our learners follow all of the state requirements for graduation. We just approach it in a VERY differnt way. We focus on growth of the individual to help them become someone capable of achieving academic success. The academic goals themselves are secondary.

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